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Magnesite resource integration plan was discussed in Haicheng

Date:2018-08-24 05:06

According to comprehensive working requirement set by Anshan municipal party committee and municipal government under the guidance of central environmental protection supervision team, Haicheng municipal government recently formulated an implementation plan for magnesite resource integration.

1. Current situation of magnesite and miners

The proven magnesite reserves in Haicheng amounts to 2.64 billion tons with total designed scale of magnesite mining being 13.37 million tons under 42 mining enterprises. In 2014-2016, according to the dynamic monitoring, the average production of magnesite was roughly 9 million tons, the annual output was about 16-18 million tons, and the average output of magnesia refractory raw materials and products was 6.4 million tons during 2014-2016, with that of shaped and unshaped refractories amounting to about 1 million tons, which indicats that magnesite industry has already been the pillar industry in Haicheng.

Nevertheless, with the rapid development of magnesite industry in recent years, some problems have been exposed, such asexcessive mining, disorderly competition and relatively low industrial concentration, resulting in ecological destruction and environment pollution. Therefore, it becomes imperative to promote resources integration, mining regulation, and implementation of ecological environmental governance.

2. Principles

To standardize the order of magnesite mining, to control production scale, and to realize unified sales at unified pricing, so as to reduce the operating cost of miners, and to gradually recover ecology as well as to raise governmental revenue.

3. Range and scale

The involving miners are 42 local enterprises who are holding magnesite mining license. At present, 28 of them are qualified to be integrated, with the remaining 14 of them to be examined by relevant administrative departments.

4. Procedures and time limits

1) Investigation to all magnesite mining corporations and resource reserves is the first stage, which is scheduled to be finished during May 8-31, 2018 with an integration scheme.

2) Confirmation of mining companies in accordance with exploitation requirement is the second stage. Besides 2 mines owned by Jinding Group, the rest 12 enterprises with annual designed capacity of more than 200 thousand tons of each are in the first batch to be integrated. The overall designed scale is approximately 9 million tons, and is prokected to be completed from May 31 to Jun. 30. Another 14 mining companies with annual capacity less than 200 thousand tons for each and total capacity at about 1.15 millions are in the second batch, to be carried out during Jun. 30 and Sept. 30.

3) Agreement Signing is the third stage, in which Liaoning Magnesite Mining Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to "the Head Office") will sign the Cooperation Agreements with all qualified mining companies to make clear rights and obligations of each party, with a completion time from May, 31 to Jun. 15.

4) Integration and Operation is the following stage, during which organization structure, management mode, formulation of regulations, establishment of operational mechanism and ultimately enterprise running, with the time limit from Jun. 15 to Jun. 30. 

Dynamite supply would be possible after June 30, according to the discussion draft.

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