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At present, Yingkou ShengCheng International Trading Co., Ltd. has four furnaces in the large crystal fused magnesite plant, with an annual output of 14,000 tons, two kilns of dead burned magnesite 95 with an annual output of 36,000 tons, and four furnaces for dead burned magnesite 90 with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons, providing sufficient supply to guaranteefurther expanding the domestic and international markets.

The main magnesite products exported by our company mainly includefused magnesite(general fused magnesite, CAO/SIO2 2:1 fused magnesite and large crystal fused magnesite), high-purity magnesite, dead burned magnesite, middle grade dead burned magnesite, caustic calcined magnesite , caustic calcined magnesite balls, magnesite carbon bricks, recarburizers,high iron and high calcium magnesite, spinel, fused spinel and other products.The caustic calcined magnesite powder produced by our company includes variety and widely used in power plant environmental protection and sulfur removal treatment, rubber, ceramics, paper making, feed additives, agricultural fertilizers and other fields.

Since its establishment, our company has always adhered to the development concept of “honesty, credit, win-win situation and service" and has achieved great-leap-forward development with the aim of meeting the growing needs of its customers.Through four years of precipitation and accumulation, we have established a good reputation and trust in many fields, and accumulated strong technical strength and stable customer resources.

Customers are god, and good development cannot be achieved without the support of customers.In the future, Yingkou Shengcheng International Trading Co., Ltd. will continue to work hand in hand with customers all over the world to cooperate and achieve better development.